Will SHIB Hit INR 0.003 This Week?

Will SHIB Hit INR 0.003 This Week?

Key Takeaways:

  • The SHIB price closed the previous day’s trade at INR 0.00211 with a market capitalization of INR 1499 Cr and a circulating supply of 5,49,06,328 Cr SHIB
  • Shiba INU price continues to trend within a consolidated range awaiting a significant push regardless of the direction ahead

Shiba INU  Price Analysis: How High Will SHIB Crypto Price Go in April 2022?

SHIB price ever since fell below INR 0.0026 levels at the beginning of February, is trading within a very narrow trend. It did attempt to record a parabolic recovery, but the bears are attempting very hard to restrict the price firmly. 

However, with some ease with the consolidated trend, the prices are expected to rebound firmly and close the monthly trade around INR 0.0025. Further continuing with the bullish streak, the Q2 close maybe around the same levels after experiencing a fall from INR 0.0030 levels. 

Shiba INU  Price Prediction: Will SHIB Price Hit INR INR 1 in 2022?

Shiba INU price after a gigantic rally in 2021, appears to have faded ever since the beginning of 2022. Moreover, the traders appear to have shifted their focus completely as the price remains more or less stagnant for quite a long time. And hence to get back into action, the asset needs huge attention and liquidity flood. The ascending trend may be continued further in the second half of 2022.

 The price may range high to test the ATH at INR 0.0066 and with an extended bull run may even surge close to INR 0.01. On the contrary, the bearish cartel capitulating to the rally could restrict the price to INR 0.005 after hitting the ATH. However, the price targets are currently restricted below INR 0.008 while INR 1 remains extremely difficult to achieve in 2022. 

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Shiba INU Price Analysis: BTC Price Table (Last 07 Days) 

Date All-Time High All-Time Low Market Capitalization
05 April 2022 INR 0.00222 INR 0.00205 INR 149 Cr
04 April 2022 INR 0.00213 INR 0.00202 INR 142 Cr
03 April 2022 INR 0.00212 INR 0.00200 INR 146 Cr
02 April 2022 INR 0.00210 INR 0.00200 INR 143 Cr
01 April 2022 INR 0.00205 INR 0.00192 INR 114 Cr
31 March 2022 INR 0.00214 INR 0.00185 INR 141 Cr
30 March 2022 INR 0.00221 INR 0.00205 INR 151 Cr

Shiba INU  Price Prediction: SHIB Price Trend Comparison with DOGE (Last 30 Days)

Source: Tradingview

Shiba INU and Dogecoin are considered the biggest competitors in the crypto space in terms of dog-based crypto assets. After both the assets smashed their respective ATH in 2021, both appear completely exhausted which led to more than 80%. However, after a pretty long consolidation, the DOGE price witnessed a huge spike since the beginning of April 2022. 

Currently, both the assets are dropping a little but may rebound after a brief consolidation. With the flip, DOGE price is expected to gear up strongly compared to that of SHIB. As the Dogecoin price rally is 27.73% above the average levels while SHIB is 5.93% higher. On the contrary, the selling volume is accelerated which could compel the price to consolidate for a while before a massive spike. 

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SHIB Price Prediction 2022: Latest SHIB coin News in  March-April 2022

SHIB is Available on Bitcoin of America BTM’S

Shiba INU is expected to undergo huge adoption as the Bitcoin of America, a digital currency exchange provider is enable SHIB on their 1800 BTM’s.

Source: Twitter

Shiba INU Enter the Metaverse Space

The Shiba ecosystem achieved another milestone of launching its own Metaverse space with over 100,000 lands. Each land on Shib Metaverse is available starting at 0.2 ETH

Source: Twitter

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