Weekly Price Predictions for Anchor Protocol, Spell, Shiba INU, and More

Weekly Price Predictions for Anchor Protocol, Spell, Shiba INU, and More

After undergoing a notable roller coaster ride throughout the week, the assets are attempting hard to close the weekly trade at a bullish note. However, the bears are still not completely off- the shore, but currently, the bulls are slowly gaining strength. Therefore, a significant brawl between the bulls and bears may be witnessed throughout the weekend and the upcoming week. 

Coin Name Price in $* Price in INR** ATH  ATL Market Capitalization
Anchor Protocol(ANC) $3.32 INR 254.84 $3.76 $3.301 $912.66M
Spell (SPELL) $0.00354 INR 0.27 $0.00369 $0.00349 $301.77M
Shiba INU (SHIB) $0.00002205 INR 0.0017 $0.00002312 $0.00002187 $12.23B
Uma (UMA) $7.086 INR 543.92 $7.94 $7.03 $470.04M
Fantom(FTM) $1.2 INR 92.11 $1.26 $1.14 $3.04B

* **- Prices as of 11 March 2022

Source: CoinMarketCap 

Anchor Protocol Price Prediction: 

The ANC price dropped down below the crucial support levels at $3.53, reaching levels around $3.3. Currently, the asset is trying hard to flip from the bearish trend as the buyers have jumped in. Therefore, the asset may regain the levels above the support-flipped-resistance levels very soon. Further, until the asset receives a significant boost, it may remain consolidated along with the pivotal levels at $3.5.

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Spell Token (SPELL) Price Prediction:

The Spell token is at the apex of the consolidation at the moment and currently, the bears appear to be a little stronger. However, the price remains along with the upper resistance, hence keeping the hopes of an uptrend alive. Therefore in the upcoming week, one can expect a decent upswing but bears may also be pretty active.

But the bulls may remain limited and a steep jump may be exempted. Securing the levels above $0.00397 may decrease the possibility of revisiting lower support. 

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Shiba INU(SHIB) Price Prediction: 

The SHIB price is trading along with the strong support levels from the previous day, waiting for a strong influx of volume. Currently, a tough competition for supremacy between the bulls and the bear is witnessed. And hence the weekly close may be extremely important to determine further action. 

Considering the present price movement, the asset is extremely bearish but may hold the support firmly. However, securing the levels above $0.000025 may keep the trend above the bearish well. 

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Uma(UMA) Price Prediction: 

The UMA price at the press time has broken above the consolidation and ranges high towards the north. The buyers appear to be in a very strong position currently, leaving no room for the sellers to drag the price below. The price may keep up the strong uptrend until it reaches the local resistance at around $8.64

Further, the levels above $9.3 may pave way for the asset to secure a double-digit figure. However, a slight pullback due to buyers’ exhaustion may not be eliminated, yet the bullish momentum is expected to continue to begin the fresh week trade. 

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Fantom(FTM) Price Prediction:

The FTM price bounced off the lower support firmly and is slowly yet steadily ranging high to maintain a significant uptrend. The price after bouncing from the lower support appears to have formed a notable uptrend line. The asset could eventually attempt to rise high to attain the levels above the resistance levels. 

Once these resistance levels are sealed, achieving immediate support at $1.48 may be the next target. However, the strong resistance resides above $1.7

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