The SandBox(SAND) Price Prediction: 30 November 2021

The SandBox(SAND) Price Prediction: 30 November 2021


The gaming platform is slowly emerging as the highest profitable industry in the crypto space. And The Sandbox crypto is among the top gainers among all the NFTs which rallied more than 1000% in just a month. No sooner than Facebook was rebranded as ‘Meta’, the Metaverse industry spiked introducing more potential coins to the crypto space. 

Yet the rally is looked upon as just a start. So how will the asset close the yearly trade? What may be the SAND price in the Q1 of 2022? This piece of composition aims to give a deeper insight into the SAND crypto price trend and its prediction.

How & When The Sandbox Came Into Existence?

Launched in 2011 by a company called Pixowl, the Sandbox is a blockchain-based virtual space. Here the users can create, buy, sell, play and also earn through their gaming experiences. The ethereum-based token works as a Proof-of-Stake(PoS) mechanism has its native token SAND which is an ERC-20 token

The founders of the Sandbox platform are Arthur Madrid and Sebastian Borget, created having an aim to bring a revolution within the gaming space backed with blockchain technology. The platform received its initial seed round funding in May 2019 of about $4.5 million from reputed firms. 

The Sand platform focuses on user-generated content and also involves the players who can contribute towards the development of the platform. Moreover, by introducing the SAND token, the platform promotes decentralized governance where-in the users may share their views on the development of the project. 

Will SAND Touch $10 by the end of 2021?

The sandbox crypto price remained pretty calm and silent with minor fluctuations ever since its inception. No doubt the price attempted to break through the $1 milestone ever since it gained bullish momentum in 2021 but failed. Despite a major drop that followed the May crash, the asset quickly managed the trembled situation. 

Ever since the beginning of Q4, the asset began to consolidate heavily indicating a healthy accumulation of strength for the next leg up. And as a result, the SAND price has spiked like a giant ever since the beginning of November 2021. The price rose from just $0.7 to as high as $8.51 in less than a month. 

Currently, the asset is experiencing a minor pullback, yet may quickly rebound after a small retest. Continuing with the current bullish momentum, the asset may soon smash a double-digit target beyond $10 before the end of 2021. Else if the narrow trend continues, then the asset may revisit the support levels around $5.65. 

Factors affecting SAND Price Today

The major factor that may uplift the SAND price may be the intrusion of huge players onto the project. The recent rally was fueled by an airdrop of 1000 SAND tokens for the lucky 5000 random gamers. Moreover, the sandbox crypto news of possible collaborations with Adidas has led the crypto space on fire. 

The technical indicators for the Sand crypto are pretty bullish but in the short term. The asset may experience a slight pullback in the long term. Digging deep into the indicators surfaces the below main points:

  • The strong support levels are usually considered around the 200-day MA levels which are in a very position in the long term. Yet in the short term, this level is acting as strong support levels as the asset bounces on smashing these levels.
  • The RSI in a short term is going inversely parabolic but within the average levels indicating a healthy trend. Yet in the long term, the RSI remains in the overbought region and is consolidating. Therefore may experience a slight pullback but a short-lived one.
  • MACD in the long term signifies a notable bullish trend. The asset appears to have to build a huge buying pressure with minute selling. Interestingly, the short-term indicates the trend reversal from the bearish is on the horizon.

 Where to buy Sandbox (SAND) token in India 

Sandbox price with the recent rally attracted many strong hands into the platform. Therefore major exchanges have listed the popular NFT on their platform. With the SAND tokens, users can also barge into the Sandbox metaverse. And hence CoinDCX mobile app is the best-suited platform to rely upon. One can easily download it on the smartphone and experience a smooth user experience at an affordable price.

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