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  • Ultra(UOS)/USDT Price Prediction: 04 February 2022

    Ultra(UOS)/USDT Price Prediction: 04 February 2022

    Overview The PC gaming industry is a huge market that is predominated by the pioneers like Apple, Google, etc. Therefore, the developers faced hardships to sell the software, and also the gamers also remained distinct from the right content. Here’s where Ultra established itself as a new PC game publishing platform and marketplace. Using Ultra’s […] More

  • ONT Technical Analysis

    Ontology(ONT)/USDT Price Prediction:05 February 2022

    Overview In recent times, many networks face a variety of issues like poor privacy protection, untapped data value, data management monopolization, ineffective identity authentication, etc. Ontology, an open-source blockchain, intended to solve the real-time issues related to identity security and data integrity. It offers the benefits like smart contracts, tokenizations, etc retaining control over their […] More

  • Zilliqa(ZIL)/USDT Price Prediction: 07 February 2022

    Zilliqa(ZIL)/USDT Price Prediction: 07 February 2022

    Overview In the times when most of the blockchains are designed to offer fast transactions with high throughput, Zilliqa acquires the higher spot. The blockchain uses a shredded network as its second-layer scaling solution, aiming to grow an ecosystem of Decentralized Apps(dApps) offering many other features. The platform intends to incentivize the global and distributed […] More

  • THOR Technical Analysis

    THORChain(RUNE) /USDT Price Prediction: 08 February 2022

    Overview With crypto adoption growing to a large extent, the need for cross-chain networks surfaces. As the assets built on Bitcoin may be pretty easy to buy/sell compared to the assets built on the Ethereum platform. Here’s when a cross-chain platform like THORChain jumps into action that enables the swapping or trading of crypto assets […] More

  • ALICE Technical Analysis

    MyNeighbourAlice(ALICE)/USDT Price Prediction: 09 February 2022

    Overview The gaming industry has spiked enormously in 2021 where users also get a chance to monetize themselves. Here the streamer got a chance to earn rewards by subscribing or by performing any other tasks. However, MyNeighbourAlice offers a similar thing within a decentralized platform. Moreover, the platform makes it possible for each player to […] More

  • Compound(COMP)/USDT Price Prediction: 10 February 2022

    Compound(COMP)/USDT Price Prediction: 10 February 2022

    Overview The evolution of blockchain and cryptocurrencies has led to the birth of a completely new ecosystem that involves regular exchanges between different blockchain platforms. The scope of financial services in the present world is much more beyond payments that may be in the form of lending or borrowing etc. And this is where Compound […] More

  • Hedera Price Prediction

    Hedera Hashgraph(HBAR)/USDT Price Prediction: 11 February 2022

    Overview Ever since the evolution of the blockchain and specifically cryptocurrencies, the world has witnessed the power of digitalization. Bitcoin is the very first cryptocurrency, despite having multiple use cases possessed a couple of limitations too, mainly the transaction speed. And hence many platforms were developed to overcome these limitations, Hedera Hashgraph also being one […] More

  • Kusama(KSM)/USDT Price Prediction: 12 February 2022

    Kusama(KSM)/USDT Price Prediction: 12 February 2022

    Overview It is a common practice to experiment with any new thing on a prototype rather than the main network to check for flaws and any improvements. Kusama is one such network which is a canary network for Polkadot. Here developers experiment and test their new blockchains or any applications before releasing them on the […] More

  • Filecoin(FIL)/USDT Price Prediction: 14 February 2022

    Filecoin(FIL)/USDT Price Prediction: 14 February 2022

    Overview Many assets in the world are left out for rent like immovable assets, automobiles, etc. What if the free space on your hard disk is also let out for rent? Interesting, right!! Yes, Filecoin is one such decentralized peer-to-peer storage marketplace that enables users to rent out their unused hard disk space. Moreover, the […] More

  • Spell Technical Analysis

    Spell Token(SPELL) Price Prediction: 15 February 2022

    Overview The crypto world is on the verge to impersonate the financial world by offering almost all the services offered by the traditional financial systems. Imagine if you could borrow the desired crypto and also at the same time earn interest on your collateral. Interesting, right! Spell is one such token that is the backbone […] More