STEPN (GMT) Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2024, & 2025

GMT Price

Key Takeaways

  • The STEPN (GMT) price closed the previous day’s trade at INR 67.34 with a market capitalization of INR 41.61 billion and a circulating supply of 600 million GMT
  • The GMT price after dropping by more than 85% from its highs, has gained a significant upswing by surging with an equal intensity
  • With a strong flip, the GMT price is expected to regain 3-digit figure at the earliest, gaining more than 40% 

What is  STEPN? 

STEPN is a Web3-focused GameFi blockchain built on Solana combining the features of a Play-2-Earn with a fitness app. It created a new category called Move-2-Earn where the users buy NFT sneakers and earn rewards or in-game currency by walking, running or jogging. These rewards can be used for in-App purchases. The blockchain aims to revolutionize the fitness market for a healthier lifestyle. 

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STEPN Price Analysis for July 2022

Current Price INR 67.20
Market Cap INR 40.27 billion
Circulating Supply 600,000,000 GMT
Max Supply 6,000,000,000 GMT
Vol (24H) INR 30,802,938,148
Change(24h) -1.77%
Change (7D) -12.33%
Change (30D) +48.84%

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STEPN GMT Price Prediction September 2022

GMT price is swinging within range-bound levels between INR 60 & INR 80 from nearly a month and may continue to trade within these levels until the end of July

STEPN GMT Price Prediction September 2022

The GMT price further is expected to trade within the minimum and maximum prices of INR 125.11 and INR 136.26 by the end of August 2022

STEPN GMT Price Prediction September 2022

After marking its levels beyond a 3-digit figure, the GMT price is expected to close the September trade in between INR 150 to INR 155

STEPN GMT Price Prediction October 2022

The GMT price is expected to experience a pullback here that may drag the price back around INR 145 but it may make it to INR 153

STEPN GMT Price Prediction November 2022

The asset may again regain bullish momentum and recover beyond INR 155 quickly and by the end of November 2022, the price may achieve INR 160 levels

Will STEPN Price Reach INR 200 by December 2022?

The year 2022 has been pretty bearish and a sense of fear may compel the traders to extract profit at every resistance. Therefore, by the end of yearly trade, the GMT prices could hover between INR 170 to INR 180 after trading close to INR 190.

Will STEPN Price Reach 320 by December 2023?

The STEPN price is expected to quickly gain levels above INR 200 in the first quarter of 2023. After undergoing a minor correction, the GMT price may rebound firmly and end the Q2 trade around the level of INR 250. Further, during the beginning of Q3, the prices are expected to range beyond INR 280 and may surpass INR 300 by the end of 2023.

Will STEPN Price Reach INR 450 by December 2024?

The GMT price may begin the 2024 trade above INR 300 and may certainly attempt to secure levels above INR 350 by the Q1 close. However, it may do so but quickly may drop to INR 340 and by the end of Q2, the prices are expected to hover between INR 350 to INR 360. In the second half of 2022, the prices may reach above INR 380 by the end of Q3 and to close the yearly trade, the GMT price may trade above INR 430.

Will STEPN Price Reach INR 550 by December 2025?

During the first quarter of 2025, the prices may attempt hard to smash INR 500 but could be restricted to INR 450 to INR 465. Further during the Q2 trade, the asset may successfully range above INR 470 but may be restricted below INR 490. However, after being so close to INR 500, the asset may surpass these levels quickly and by the end of Q3 may settle around INR 520 levels. By the end of 2025 trade, the GMT price may trade close to INR 550 but may get rejected and trade around INR 540 levels.

STEPN GMT Price History Comparison Table (2017-2022)

Year End of Year Price % Change
2017 NA NA
2018 NA NA
2019 NA NA
2020 NA NA
2021 NA NA
2022 INR 66.79* +82.96%*

GMT Price Technical Analysis

  • GMT price after falling from the cliff in May has maintained a consolidated trend, more or less appearing to accumulate strength for the upcoming rally
  • No doubt the recent happenings within the crypto space have deeply impacted the volume and volatility but with ease in the conditions, the asset may quickly surge magnificently
  • Therefore, the asset current appears to be primed to undergo a 1x to 2x rally in the upcoming days to reach its desired target.

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GMT Price Comparison with Axie Infinity(AXS)

Source: Tradingview

  • STEPN & Axie Infinity both are popular Play-2-Earn blockchain based crypto assets that empower the chain
  • Both GMT & AXS price maintained a similar trend from past couple of months undergoing equal price variations 
  • The STEPN(GMT) price after dropping from the average levels by the end of June, dropped to as low as -17.93% at the moment
  • On the other hand, the AXS price also dropped from the same levels but plunged heavily to hit -30% levels.

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GMT Price Comparison with BTC (Correlation) 

GMT Price

Source: Tradingview

  • Ever since the asset has rebounded firmly from the June lows the GMT/USDT & GMT/BTC, both pairs have been decoupled finely
  • Both the asset dropped heavily from 8% to 10% to reach the lows around 30% to 40% during the mid-June
  • However with a magnificent flip the GMT/USDT price raised from the levels below -40% to the levels around -17.92%
  • While the GMT/BTC price maintained acute strength and raised from -35% to as high as +40% but currently trading at +19.62%.

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  • The blockchain recently announced its expansion to the Ethereum blockchain and intends to spend $6 million of Q2 profits to buy back and burn GMT tokens
  • The platform is working on the NFT project called APE sneakers and announced an airdrop while GMT, Genesis Sneaker holders & BAYC were eligible


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Prices as of 14th July, 2022


What is STEPN?

STEPN is a popular Play-2-Earn blockchain that emphasis on a healthier lifestyle empowered by the native token GMT.

Is GMT a good investment in 2022?

GMT price is preparing for a rebound and hence may surge extremely high after nullifying bearish impact. Therefore a better time to buy GMT.

Will GMT’s price reach 200 in 2022?

The bearish year may end on a bullish note that may uplift the price close to INR 100 or slightly above these levels. However, INR 200 is still achievable in the near future.

What will be the STEPN price by 2023?

GMT price is predicted to hover in between INR 280 to INR 300 by the end of 2023 trade.

What will be the STEPN price by 2024?

The STEPN(GMT) price may close the 2024 trade by hovering in between INR 400 to INR 430 levels.

What will be the STEPN price by 2025?

By the end of 2025, the GMT price may trade in between INR 500 to INR 550.

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