Crypto Price Predictions Weekly Bitcoin, Ethereum, SOL, Shiba & More

Crypto Price Predictions Weekly Bitcoin, Ethereum, SOL, Shiba & More

The crypto space has been displaying huge volatility since the beginning of March 2022. After a notable bullish end for the previous month’s trade, most of the assets are shedding all their gains at the moment. And hence the entire market is showcasing a notable bearish trend that may prevail until the end of Q1 2022. 

Coin Name Price in $* Price in INR** ATH  ATL Market Capitalization
Bitcoin(BTC) $39,911 INR 29,78,049.53 $42,527.3 $38,550 $740,572,529,844
Ethereum(ETH) $2160.89 INR 1,99,640.98 $2835.43 $2574.86 $313,710,607,614
Solana(SOL) $86.82 INR 6636.72 $95.94 $87 $27,927,634,209
Shiba INU(SHIB) $0.00002361 INR 0.001875 $0.00002526 $0.00002305 $12,944,386,914
Polygon(MATIC) $1.462 INR 116.5 $1.587 $1.453 $11,130,100,400
Terra(LUNA) $81.14 INR 6,499.52 $93.01 $82.42 $30,451,517,372

* ** – Prices as of 04 March 2022

Source: CoinMarketCap 

Bitcoin Price Prediction : Will BTC Price Hit $50,000 in March 2022?

Bitcoin price, since the beginning of March, appears to go inversely parabolic to regain the initial levels yet again. Technicals and the chart patterns point towards the bearish trend to continue. If in case the price attempts to flip, it may be a short-lived one. Therefore one expects a short-term high of $44,500 and a low of $34K in the upcoming week. 

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Ethereum Price Prediction: Will ETH Price Hit $3500 in March 2022?

Ethereum price is currently in a decisive phase where-in a possibility of a surge or a plunge may occur anytime. Yet a minor flip may pave way for the asset to halt the downtrend, yet may continue after a healthy consolidation. The ETH price may still attempt to test the $3000 levels but currently appears to be out of reach. Therefore, the bearish trend may prevail in the upcoming days which may drag the price close to $2000.

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Solana Price Prediction: Will SOL Price Hit $100 in March 2022?

The SOL price is consolidating for nearly a month and maintaining a notable bullish momentum. However, the asset is feared to visit lower support very soon as the price is at the apex of a descending triangle. The market conditions appear choppy and hence no strong flip may occur to help assets rise above the danger levels. And hence the possibility of visiting the lower support at $70 may be fast approaching.

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Shiba INU Price Prediction: Will SHIB Price Hit $0.00003200 in March 2022?

Shiba INU is attempting hard to decouple from the other current bearish trend and trying to prevent testing the lower support at $0.00002258. However, no strong flip is ignited, as no buyers have jumped in yet. Also, the trend reversal may ignite soon that could uplift the price above $0.0000260. Hence, the SHIB price appears bullish slightly yet need to surpass certain levels to validate with a strong uptrend.

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Polygon Price Prediction: Will MATIC Price hit $2 in March 2022?

MATIC price is flashing bearish signals since the beginning of March 2022 and hence may shed some more gains ahead. The asset constantly bounced from the lower support at $1.4, but currently, a flip may be ignited at the lower support instead of current levels. And hence the MATIC price if failed to hold at $1.4 may slide to $1 for the first time in the last 5 months.

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Terra Price Prediction: Will LUNA price hit $100 in March 2022?

LUNA price with the recent drop slashed below the uptrend line, indicating a trend reversal. Yet the bears are expected to outperform the bulls soon, bringing down the price close to the lower support. The price may drop towards the support at $74.67 if it failed to sustain the current support at $81.81. Therefore, a notable plunge could hinder the price rally soon that may slash the price below $70 soon. 

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