Bitcoin Buy or Sell Indicator

Your technical analysis summary for Bitcoin Buy or Sell Signal

This gauge displays a real-time technical analysis overview for your selected timeframe. The summary of Bitcoin is based on the most popular technical indicators, such as Moving Averages, Oscillators and Pivots

Bitcoin Price Chart – 24 Hours

Bitcoin Technical Indicators For Buy or Sale Call


Oscillators are popular and widely used because they are leading indicators that can signal a possible trend change that is yet to start. This type of indicator oscillates between two limits, above and below a midpoint and its value helps to gauge the strength and momentum of a trend. Oscillators also typically signal if a market is overbought or oversold (meaning price is unjustifiably high or unjustifiably low), which could point to a reversal of the trend. This could be used to determine when to close open positions.

Following are the Oscillators which gives buy or sell signals

Relative Strength Index (14)62.79Neutral
Stochastic %K (14, 3, 3)72.11Neutral
Commodity Channel Index (20)166.85Neutral
Average Directional Index (14)19.17Neutral
Awesome Oscillator1225.32Neutral
Momentum (10)1367.08Buy
MACD Level (12, 26)478.60Buy
Stochastic RSI Fast (3, 3, 14, 14)67.16Neutral
Williams Percent Range (14)−10.75Neutral
Bull Bear Power2025.16Neutral
Ultimate Oscillator (7, 14, 28)55.59Neutral

Moving Averages

Moving Averages are price based, lagging (or reactive) indicators that display the average price of a security over a set period of time. A Moving Average is a good way to gauge momentum as well as to confirm trends, and define areas of support and resistance. Essentially, Moving Averages smooth out the “noise” when trying to interpret charts. Noise is made up of fluctuations of both price and volume. Because a Moving Average is a lagging indicator and reacts to events that have already happened, it is not used as a predictive indicator but as an interpretive one for confirmations and analysis.

Exponential Moving Average (10)23553.05Buy
Simple Moving Average (10)23352.37Buy
Exponential Moving Average (20)23137.46Buy
Simple Moving Average (20)23100.60Buy
Exponential Moving Average (30)22928.41Buy
Simple Moving Average (30)22684.95Buy
Exponential Moving Average (50)23281.27Buy
Simple Moving Average (50)21799.66Buy
Exponential Moving Average (100)26107.18Sell
Simple Moving Average (100)25223.86Sell
Exponential Moving Average (200)31433.70Sell
Simple Moving Average (200)33110.59Sell
Ichimoku Base Line (9, 26, 52, 26)22810.57Neutral
Volume Weighted Moving Average (20)23140.58Buy
Hull Moving Average (9)24108.94Buy

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